How are you different from other fitness apps in the market?

  • Our core focus is On-demand Fitness Programs to help you achieve your time-bound fitness goals
  • Most apps either have very generic workout classes or very expensive personal training/coaching.
  • However, our fitness programs are specific to a given fitness level and desired goal
  • We believe that our Fitness Programs will really help you achieve your goal without breaking the bank on personal training.

What are On-Demand Fitness Programs?

  • Programs are time-bound and goal-oriented workouts video sessions in a sequence.
  • Some examples of time-bound fitness goals are – Loose 5 Kgs in 6 weeks, improve endurance in 4 weeks for upcoming marathon, learn a specific form of Yoga, build 6 pack abs in 8 weeks, post-natal recovery with yoga in 8 weeks etc.
  • Each program is designed keeping in mind the user's existing fitness level, body types, BMI scores, existing conditions, and age etc.
  • We have different programs for fitness goals like, losing weight, toning body, getting lean, learning new formats, improving chronic issues like backache, diabetes, PCOD etc.
  • These programs are created in collaboration with some of the most trained, reputed and certified coaches

Can I do more than 1 program with the subscription?

  • We offer monthly and quaterly subscription plans.
  • With any subscription plan, you can access any program
  • You and your family members can join and do any program that is relevant

Can I consult with coaches before starting a Program or a Class?

  • Yes, we offer a free consultion with a coach to help your decide.
  • We offer subscription plans with weekly consultions with a coach.

Can I cancel and get a refund?

  • We don’t offer refunds after you have made the payment

How can I pay

  • You can pay via any card, UPI app, wallet or net banking

Can you add a Program or class for my requirement?

  • Please write to us, we will do our best to create a program for your need and add on Upbeat.

How can I contact you?