Strengthen Your Core - 4 Weeks Program

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Program Sessions:

S01 - Lower Body & Core

Duration: 34 Min - Difficulty Level: 2

S02 - Upper Body & Core

Duration: 33 Min - Difficulty Level: 2

S03 - Core Blast

Duration: 37 Min - Difficulty Level: 2

S04 - Full Body

Duration: 36 Min - Difficulty Level: 2

Program Benefits:

  • Toned belly
  • Burn belly fat
  • Strong midsection
  • Strong lower and upper body

Program Details:

  • Coach: Ritika Borah
  • Duration: 4 weeks - 20 Sessions
  • Session Length: 30 to 35 min
  • Difficulty Range: 2-4 (out of 5)
  • Format: HIIT, Strength & Conditioning
  • Gender: M/F
  • For: Adults

About Program:

Strengthen Your Core is a program with bodyweight exercises to strengthen abdomen/midsection, burn belly fat, and improve overall fitness. The program includes exercises for overall body workout with a slight inclination towards core/midsection.

Program Description:

Strengthen Your Core program is designed for people who want to work on their midsection and get a toned belly. Although this program focuses on your midsection, it will also strengthen your entire body. We do not believe in the concept of spot reduction; our belief lies in complete fitness goals attained in the healthiest of ways. The program starts with lower difficulty levels and gradually moves to higher difficulty levels to provide your body with the best intensity. Join this program to work on your complete body with special attention to your core/midsection.

Program Coach:

Ritika Borah

Crossfit Level-2 Coach. 3500 hrs of coached classes