Premium On-Demand Fitness Programs to Workout at Home

What are On-Demand Fitness Programs?

  • 4 Week Programs for Yoga, HIIT, S&C for a specific time bound fitness goals
  • Each program has 20 high quality on-demand video sessions
  • Scientifically created by best fitness coaches to get results
  • Successfully used by hundreds of people to get fit

How does it work?

  • Choose the right program as per your goal
  • Follow the video sessions in sequence
  • Complete the program in 4 to 5 weeks
  • Choose the next program to continue

Are these sessions live?

  • No, these are not live sessions
  • They are high quality On-demand (recorded) sessions
  • With proper instructions to workout in a right way
  • Each session is specific to a program to ensure best result

How are you different from other fitness apps in the market?

  • We offer fitness programs which are DIY and goal based.
  • Most apps either have very generic group classes or very expensive personal training/coaching.
  • However, our fitness programs are specific to a given fitness level and desired goal
  • We believe that our Fitness Programs will really help you achieve your goal without breaking the bank on personal training.

On-Demand Programs vs Group live classes

  • Overall experience and quality is way better
  • Play and pause as per your conveience
  • Workout as per your convenience
  • Only reason to choose a live class is if the coach can correct you, but in a group class coach cannot effectively monitor everyone
  • In a group live class coach needs to accomodate everyone hence the intensity of work out low

On-Demand Programs vs Free Youtube videos

  • Youtube videos are just one-off videos
  • They are designed to get views not necessarily results
  • You cannot get fit by following different videos each day

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