1. Co-founder and Head Coach at CrossFit Mend
  2. CCFT/CrossFit - Level 3
  3. CF Weightlifting
  4. CF Gymnastics
  5. Molecular Biologist (Masters in Biotechnology)


Sandeep Gadde (Sandy) CrossFit level 3 Coach/CrossFit certified trainer. He is one of the very few CrossFit level-3 coaches in India. Sandy started his fitness career with CrossFit in 2013 and has been coaching CrossFit methodology for about 6+ years. He is involved in several corporate wellness programs and regularly conducts workshops on healthy living across 18+ colleges. Sandy frequently runs inter-corporate and inter-college CrossFit challenges to spread the awareness on the importance of fitness to a larger audience. His passion also got him to work for the Rio Olympics 2016 at weightlifting.
Sandy says, “he strongly believes that if he can change his life he is confident that with right guidance and persistence anyone can”.