Twists and Twirls for Kids - 4 to 7 years - 3 Weeks Program

Program and Coach Intro

Program Sessions:

S01 - Que calor

Duration: 36 Min - Difficulty Level: 1

S02 - Que calor full + new exercises

Duration: 34 Min - Difficulty Level: 2

S03 - Jungle visit - mam chiki dance

Duration: 30 Min - Difficulty Level: 2

S04 - MAM chiki 2 + fitness variation

Duration: 33 Min - Difficulty Level: 2

Program Benefits:

  • Strengthening body balance and movements
  • Developing strong reflexes
  • Focussing on overall body workout through dance

Program Details:

  • Coach: Pooja Rajpurohit
  • Duration: 3 Weeks - 12 Sessions
  • Format: DanceFit
  • Gender: All
  • Age: Kids 4 to 7 Years
  • Goal: Kids Fitness
  • Duration: 30 min sessions

About Program:

This program features a kid-friendly dance fitness routine that breaks down the steps, adds activities and other fun elements to make the entire session an entertaining one focusing on both DANCE and FITNESS

Program Description:

Its a 12 session dance fitness pack for your younger ones. In these sessions, fitness will be made fun for them without compromising on the importance and aesthetics of both DANCE & FITNESS. Your juniors will not only learn new styles and fitness variations but also develop their gross motor skills, understand movement and balance, and develop strong reflexes.

Program Coach:

Pooja Rajpurohit

AFAA certified – GX Instructor. (Group class instructor), Represents India as a Zumba® Jammer.