Yoga For Holistic Health - 4 Weeks Program

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Program Sessions:

S01 - Basic Yoga

Duration: 30 Min - Difficulty Level: 3

S02 - Flow based class

Duration: 33 Min - Difficulty Level: 3

S03 - Ease into Yoga

Duration: 29 Min - Difficulty Level: 3

S04 - Hatha Yoga

Duration: 29 Min - Difficulty Level: 3

Program Benefits:

  • Stress relief with physical fitness
  • Improve lung capacity
  • Reduce tension around the hips and shoulders
  • Calm and relax the mind

Program Details:

  • Program Code: P11
  • Coach: Pujitha Vinay
  • Duration: 4 weeks - 24 Sessions
  • Difficulty Range: 3-4 (Out of 5)
  • Equipment needed: Mat, Yoga strap
  • Format: Aasana, Pranayama and Meditation
  • Gender: M/F
  • For: Adults, Intermediate practitioners
  • Goal: Overall health well-being

About Program:

Yoga for Holistic Health is a 24 sessions program about achieving the overall well-being of mind and body. The program has a combination of Asanas, Pranayama, and Meditation. It helps to relieve stress while maintaining physical fitness.

Program Description:

With the growing work and stress, it's important to maintain a good balance between mind and body. This program is designed in such a way that through physical aasanas lot of tension and stress are released from the physical body and through pranayama and meditation the mind calms down.


The program focuses on all aspects of building the physical body, like building the strength and stamina,improves flexibility and also focuses on regular ailments like back and neck issues.


Pranayama focuses on calming the mind ,helps in building the lung capacity and also strengthens the lung muscles.


Meditation helps in relaxing the mind and helps in releasing all the unnecessary tensions and negative emotions.

Join the sessions to see an overall health benefit and be Physically and Mentally fit.

Program Coach:

Pujitha Vinay

Certified yoga teacher by GOI (QCI)