Fun Yoga for Kids - 7 to 12 years - 2 Week Program

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Program Sessions:

S01 - Energy and mood shift - part 1

Duration: 30 Min - Difficulty Level: 1

S02 - Calm mind, focus and concentration - part 1

Duration: 30 Min - Difficulty Level: 2

S03: Emotional wellbeing and self-control - part 1

Duration: 30 Min - Difficulty Level: 2


  • Improved physical flexibility and balance
  • Increased concentration
  • Better self-control


  • Program Code: P07
  • Coach: Sushmitha Shrikanth
  • Duration: 2 Weeks - 10 Classes
  • Gender: All
  • Age: Kids 7 to 12 years
  • Goal: Kids Fitness
  • Duration: 30 min sessions

About Program:

This program has 10 creatively sequenced sessions focusing on Yoga. These sessions will engage the kids allowing them to introspect and understand Yoga concepts deeply, as well as learn asana names. These 30 mins sessions are curated around five themes to get your minis moving, breathing and releasing any stagnant energy in the body. Introduce your child to yoga at an early age, and see the difference in their self-esteem, body awareness and concentration skills!


Overwhelmingly, research shows that children who regularly practice yoga and mindfulness are better able to regulate their emotions, manage stress and calm themselves. They may also choose better foods to eat and engage in more physical activity than children who do not. The studies also illustrate that centered, calm and focused children learn more easily, have better social skills and, in general, are much happier kids.

Each session is based on one of the following 5 themes:

  • Yoga for Energy/mood shift
  • Yoga for Calm/focus/ concentration
  • Yoga for emotional regulation/reactivity / self-control
  • Yoga for Physical fitness/flexibility
  • Yoga for balance, body awareness, coordination


Sushmitha Shrikanth

Kaivalyadham 200 Hrs TTC Hatha Yoga - University of London - B.A Philosophy and Cognitive computing